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How to Prepare for Spring Property Season

Spring season is typically the busiest and craziest season of real-estate activities in the United States. As the weather starts getting warmer, more and more seller starts coming to the market. With such great property options available, buyers come out in full force as well. It makes sense though, as most home buyers want to lock a property before the rates start getting higher. Those who want to sell their property, takes advantage of the busy real estate market.

But with all this Spring Property Season trends, comes competition. From a buyer’s perspective, every property that they choose is stolen away by some other buyer in case they are not fully prepared. And for sellers, it takes some extra effort to make their property stand out in a crowded market, especially if they want to sell it at their desired price.

Buying or selling a property in spring definitely has its pros. There is a whole lot of options available in the real estate market that you can choose from and it is possible that you will be able to find your dream house in this season.

For your convenience, here are some tips for both sellers and buyers to get ready for the upcoming spring property season properly.

Tips for buyers who are planning to buy a property this Spring Season

Get your Finances Sorted

Getting your finances sorted is the first most important step in buying a house. There is no point in starting your house hunt, if you do not have the necessary finances for it. So, talk to your bank as soon as possible about how much you can borrow from them.

It’s important that you get yourself pre-approved for a home loan so that you do not miss out on the opportunity to buy your dream home once you find it. Getting pre-approved form a mortgage broker or local bank gets you an advantage over other buyers who bid for the same property.

However, know that the pre-approvals last for 3-6 months, so plan your house hunting accordingly. 

Do the Research

It’s important to do your research thoroughly to find your dream house at an affordable price. Shortlist the suburbs that you are interested in and research the market price of your desired property type. It will give you an idea of how much you should bid when you find your desired home.

Choose the Right Realtor

Unless you are a seasoned buyer, having a right realtor by your side can really make your house hunting process easier. In the competitive real estate market of the spring season, it takes more than the willingness to pay the price.

A good realtor will make a strong case for you in front of the seller and will make you stand out in the pools of prospective buyers on the list.

Attend a number of different Auctions before actually bidding

It is advised that you attend a number of different auctions especially for the type of property you are interested in to buy. This will give you the confidence you need before you start this whole process.

Attending different auctions will also help you in figuring out when and how much should you bid for a certain type of property.

Trust Your First Intuitions

 Home buyers especially the first time home buyers are a little nervous in closing their deal. If you are in a similar situation, trust your first instincts. If you like a house and the price is within your budget, just bid for it.

Tips for Sellers who are selling a property this spring


Home cleaning goes beyond dusting and vacuuming. If you are planning to sell your house, it’s time to clean your house thoroughly. Decluttering your house can make a huge difference in front of the prospective buyers and can increase the worth of your property significantly.

Decluttering will allow the home buyers to see the space clearly. To do this, put most of your belongings in the storage room so that the buyers can imagine themselves living in your place.


Consider renovating your home before putting it into the seller market. If you want to move up the sale price, do the necessary renovations for it. Even the smallest things like applying a fresh coat of paint can help you in making your house look better in front of the prospective home buyer.

According to experts, renovated kitchens and bathrooms can really help in attracting buyers and can result in a mighty price tag on it.

Consider the Curb Appeal

If you are preparing to sell your home, look at it as an overall package. While it’s mandatory that the interior of your house should look great, curb appeal is also equally important. According to the experts, having a good curb appeal is the most important thing to add value to your property.

To do this, mow your lawn, consider planting seasonal flowers, and trim your existing plants and hedges.

Remove Personalization

Remove all the personal effects from your property as depersonalizing allows the potential home buyers to have a blank canvas to imagine the house as theirs. Pack up all the family photos, trophies, medals or any such things that bring the feelings of ownership towards the house.

Pre-inspection Repairs

The more well-maintained your home is, the more justifiable it is for you to ask a high price for it. Prepare your home well for pre-inspections. Fix the running faucets, fused bulbs, and deteriorated roofs.

Also, get rid of molds and mildews before inviting your prospective buyers in your home. 

Advertise in the Right Places

Advertising your home at the right places can really help you in getting the desired price for your home. Use social media to get the attraction of the potential buyers. Contacting a good realtor can really help you in getting quality leads.

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