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10 Cheapest Places to Live in South Dakota


South Dakota is an increasingly popular choice of living from the past few years for US citizens. It offers some great views of the famous Mount Rushmore and offers business friendly economy, growing employment opportunities and a civilized culture.

South Dakota provides its citizens a lifestyle that balances professional success with personal contentment which is a rare thing to find these days.

Life in South Dakota

There are a lot of good reasons to choose South Dakota for your next home. But the most important among them is the great employment opportunities. There are a variety of high-wage and high-demand occupations in South Dakota which include mechanics, machinists, Accounting and Finance, Healthcare, field service and technicians and so on.

The job market is thriving and therefore, skilled individuals are very much appreciated here. South Dakota has a statewide median income of up to $60,000 per year and has one of the lowest poverty rates in United States. Moreover, the employment ratio is way above than the national average employment ratio.

Apart from the great employment opportunities, South Dakota has some amazing neighborhoods with stellar educational institutes, lowest crime rates and reasonably priced housing.

With stats like these, who wouldn’t want to move to South Dakota?

If you are planning to purchase your next home in South Dakota and are looking for affordable places to live, you are at the right place


Cheapest Places to Live in South Dakota


  1.     Brookings

Population: 23,292

Brookings is the fourth largest city in South Dakota. The median home value here is about $203,900. Another great thing about this city is Brookings School District, which provides excellent educational opportunities to its students and has surpassed the standard of schools in the neighboring cities.

So, if you have school going kids, you should definitely explore Brooking, SD.


  1.     Pierre

Population: 13,959

Pierre is the capital of South Dakota and is located on the east river side of it. It is a very picturesque city with historic downtown, tree-lined streets, parks and other attractions.

The median home value in South Dakota is about $207,600 which is quite affordable compared to the opportunities it provide.

Apart from the affordable housing, the overall cost of living (utilities, tax, bills) is recorded to be the lowest than the rest of the South Dakota.


  1.     Sioux Falls

Population: 167,884

Sioux Falls is famous for its natural beauty and attracts thousands of tourists every year. People from all over the world travel here to witness the breath-taking mountainous views. The economy is really strong here and thus offers great employment opportunities.

It has all the facilities and hustle bustle of a big city. The median price for home is about $108,100.  

All the public schools here have A-list ratings and have maintained a great academic record over the years.


  1.     Winner

Population: 2,844

Winner is a small city in South Dakota and has a town like vibe. If you are into a small community where everyone knows each other, winner is definitely for you.

The median house price here is about $108, 00.


  1.     Tea

Population: 4,427

Tea is also a small city in South Dakota and has a sub-urban feel. It is considered to be the best place for Millennials.

The city has a good employment ratio, low crime rate and beautiful neighborhoods. The median home price is around $243, 100 which is slightly high than the rest of the South Dakota.

Sadly, there are not any great schools in Tea so it is suitable for couples who do not have kids yet.


  1.     Rapid City

Population: 71, 682

Rapid City lies east of the Black Hills National Forest and is known as the gateway to the Mount Rushmore. It is surrounded by the beautiful views and offers great outdoor activities.

The city has excellent schools and good employment opportunities mostly in the field of tourism, health and transportation. The median home price is slightly high but is reasonable compared to the facilities it provide.


  1.     Spearfish

Population: 11, 176

Spearfish is considered to be the best place to live in South Dakota. The city provides you an easy access to the exotic Northern Black Hills of South Dakota. The whole Rapid City is surrounded by the un-matched natural beauty and offers great outdoor activities for people of every age.

The median home price is high but it is definitely worth it.


  1.     De Smet

Population: 1, 162

It is one of the most charming and famous (because of the little house of the Prairie books) city in South Dakota. The median home price is $110, 800 which is one of the cheapest in South Dakota.


  1.     Yankton

Population: 14,585

Yankton is located on the banks of the Missouri River and is home to a culturally diverse community. It is a historically rich place and has many museums and historic buildings.

It is definitely a really vibrant and culturally diverse town with the median home cost of $175, 800.


  1. Hot Springs

Population: 3, 460

Hot Springs has one the lowest median home price of just $85,400. The city is most commonly known as the veteran’s town.

It is exceptionally affordable and has a vibe of a small community. You will find a lot of community events and volunteer opportunities here.

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